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Calculate how much you could receive for adjusted adult education allowance

Have you started your studies before 1 August 2020 and are now returning to your studies? With this calculator, you can calculate a preliminary estimate of the effect of secondary income on the amount of allowance. 

Those who have applied for adult education allowance before the new law entered into force on 1 August 2020, can earn a maximum of EUR 250 per month. If you earn more than EUR 250 per month in secondary income, you can apply for an adjusted adult education allowance. Use this calculator to calculate the effect of the secondary income you receive on the amount of adjusted adult education allowance. 

You can apply for adjusted allowance at the end of the allowance month you apply for, once you know the income you earned during that month. For example, you can apply for adjusted allowance for November no earlier than 1 December.

If the gross allowance for the allowance month applied for is below the basic component of the allowance per day (EUR 30.74 in 2024), no allowance will be paid for that month. 

The calculation is an approximate estimate based on the information provided by the user and is not binding on the Employment Fund.

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Page updated: 13/4/2022