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Please note that according to the Government proposal, the Act of Discontinuation adult education allowance would enter into force as soon as possible, but no later than 1st of June 2024. Read about its effects on applying for adult education allowance on the page News concerning the adult education allowance.

Test if you are eligible to receive adult education allowance

With the helper, you can conveniently test whether you can receive adult education allowance. The helper will also guide you through what kind of allowance you may be able to get and direct you to more information.

Helper is an indicative tool to help you find out if you can apply for adult education allowance. You will receive a formal decision on your right to adult education allowance once we process your application.

Do you live in Finland and are covered by Finnish social security? 
Do you have eight years of employment history or equivalent? Please note: Employment history is not automatically calculated in working years. You can find more information about the calculation on This is how to make sure you receive adult education allowance page.
Do you receive a benefit that prevents adult education allowance, such as a study grant, sickness allowance, parental allowance, special care allowance, unemployment allowance or labor market support, alternation allowance, full invalidity pension, unemployment pension or old-age pension?
Do you have a valid full-time employment or employment relationship that has lasted at least one year before your planned start of adult education allowance?
Do you have a study right at a Finnish publicly supervised educational institution, such as a university, polytechnic, open university or vocational school, and does your education lead to the completion of a degree or part of a degree, or does it provide you with supplementary or refresher vocational education?
Have you received adult education allowance before August 2020 for the same studies for which you are now planning to apply for allowance?
Has your employer granted or is granting you a study leave that lasts for at least two consecutive months?
Are you on a periodic, less than two-month or part-time study leave, or do you have more than EUR 250 in income per month during your study leave?
Are you going on completely unpaid or part-time study leave?
Page updated: 16/2/2024