The law has come into effect 1.6.2024. According to the Act, adult education allowance cannot be obtained under any circumstances for studies starting in the autumn of 2024. We have updated the site News concerning the adult education allowance.


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Please note that according to the Government proposal, the Act of Discontinuation adult education allowance would enter into force as soon as possible, but no later than 1st of June 2024. Read about its effects on applying for adult education allowance on the page News concerning the adult education allowance.

Calculate how much you could receive for adult education allowance!

Are you applying for adult education support as an employed person in the public or private sector? Before applying, would you like to know how much adult education allowance you could receive? The amount of adult education allowance is affected by the income before the supported studies and the income and benefits during the studies. Use this calculator to calculate the indicative amount of adult education allowance you could receive.


Assess the maximum amount of allowance and the impact of revenue

With this calculator, you can estimate how much your adult education allowance would be if you received it in full. In addition, you can estimate how much the income or benefits you receive during the supported study period will decrease the amount of allowance for a single allowance month. Adult education allowance is applied for retroactively on a monthly basis.

Monthly income and benefits also affect how many credits you need to study during the allowance month, and how quickly your allowance period passes. This information is also available on the calculator.

The counter helps those in employment who have started their studies on or after 1 August 2020. If you are an entrepreneur, please see the instructions on the Amount of allowance and allowance period page. If you are employed in the private or public sector, but started your studies before 1 August 2020, please use the adjusted adult education allowance calculator.


How to use the counter

If you want to calculate an estimate of the maximum amount of adult education allowance, enter your average monthly earnings before studying.

If, on the other hand, you want to assess what the impact of income paid during an allowance month on the aid is, enter the sum of revenue under "All income received during an allowance month (gross/month)". Report the income to the counter as a gross amount.

All wages, benefits and business income paid to you during the allowance month are taken into account as income. A more detailed breakdown of the income and benefits affecting adult education allowance can be found on the Amount and period of adult education allowance page.

Benefits affecting the amount of allowance

If you know that you are receiving, for example, sickness benefit or parental benefit, i.e. a so-called preventive benefit, during an allowance month, press the “I receive a preventive benefitbutton to open a wider calculator. Adult education allowance cannot be paid simultaneously with such benefits. In order for the counter to take into account the effect of these benefits on adult education allowance, please indicate the number of days for which you will be receiving a benefit that prevents the payment of adult education allowance under “Number of days for which you are not entitled to allowance”.

Information on benefits affecting adult education allowance can be found on the Amount and period of adult education allowance page.

Allowance period beginning in the middle of the month

You can also use the counter to estimate allowance if your allowance right decision comes into force in the middle of a calendar month. Open the expanded counter by pressing the "I am receiving a benefit that prevents the payment of adult education allowance" button and enter in the "Number of days for which you are not entitled to allowance" field the number of weekdays during which your first decision is not yet in force.

For example, if your decision enters into force on 15 January, enter 10 days under “Number of days for which you are not entitled to allowance”. In this case, you will receive an estimate of the amount of adult education allowance for less than a month.

If the gross allowance for the allowance month applied for is below the basic component of the allowance per day (EUR 30,74 in 2024), no allowance will be paid for that month.

The calculation is an approximate estimate based on the information provided by the user and is not binding on the Employment Fund.

Your normal salary before your studies (gross €/month)

Income gross €/month 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000
- 660,91 784,85 985,61 1185,37 1387,13 1587,89 1694,99 1790,59 1886,19 1981,79
250 535,91 659,85 860,61 1061,37 1262,13 1462,89 1569,99 1665,59 1761,19 1856,79
500 410,91 456 735,61 936,37 1137,13 1337,89 1444,99 1540,59 1636,19 1731,79
750 285,91 285,91 610,61 811,37 1012,13 1212,89 1319,99 1415,59 1511,19 1606,79
1000 160,91 160,91 434 686,37 887,13 1087,89 1194,99 1290,59 1386,19 1481,79
1250   35,91 184 561,37 762,13 962,89 1069,99 1165,59 1261,19 1356,79
1500       412 637,13 837,89 944,99 1040,59 1136,19 1231,79
1750       162 512,13 712,89 819,99 915,59 1011,19 1106,79
2000         387,13 587,89 649,99 760,59 886,19 981,79
2250         140 462,89 569,99 665,59 761,19 856,79
2500           337,89 444,99 540,59 636,19 731,79
2750           118 319,99 415,59 601,19 606,79
3000             194,99 290,59 386,19 481,79
3250             69,99 165,59 216,19 356,79
3500               40,59 136,19 231,79


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Page updated: 16/2/2024