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What is adult education allowance?

What is adult education allowance?

Adult education allowance is meant for people who are working to support their short-term or long-term studies. The allowance is available to both employees and entrepreneurs. For employers, it can be a good way to strengthen their staff’s expertise.

Adult education allowance is a benefit granted by the Employment Fund to people who are working in order to support their full-time or part-time studies. Employees and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the adult education allowance during their careers for one or more studies. The allowance can be paid for 15 months in total, in one or more instalments.

Applicants must meet the following conditions:

  • The applicant’s current employment relationship or business activities have lasted for at least one year, and the applicant has been working for at least eight years in total.
  • The applicant does not receive any other allowance or benefit that would prevent the payment of adult education allowance.
  • The applicant is covered by Finnish social security.
  • The education or training is eligible for adult education allowance. The allowance can be granted for studies organised by educational institutions that operate in Finland and are supervised by public authorities.
  • The applicant is on full-time or part-time study leave, or the applicant’s business income decreases by one third during the year.

Employees’ adult education allowance is financed fully by unemployment insurance contributions paid by employers and employees. The entrepreneurs’ adult education allowance is funded by the State.


Countless opportunities

Adult education allowance is a flexible solution for combining work and studies. It benefits employees, employers and entrepreneurs alike.

For employees, it offers earnings-related financial support to help cover everyday expenses and fit studies into their personal situation. For entrepreneurs, adult education allowance is an opportunity to update their skills without compromising their business and livelihood.

Employers may not always see adult education allowance as a tool that they could use, which is perhaps because it is paid to employees. The allowance can, however, be an effective way to improve the staff’s expertise without risk. The initiative to apply for adult education allowance can also come from the employer.

There are plenty of study options from entire degrees to continuing education and training.

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The application instructions contain more detailed information about for what situations and studies the adult education allowance is suitable. The instructions will also tell you what other types of income and benefits you are allowed to have at the same time with the allowance.

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