Telephone service for adult education allowance is closed on 2 June, 28 June, 5 July, 12 July, 19 July and 26 July. On other days we normally serve between 9 - 15.

The law has come into effect 1 June 2024. According to the Act, adult education allowance cannot be obtained under any circumstances for studies starting in the autumn of 2024. We have updated the site News concerning the adult education allowance.


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Please note that according to the Government proposal, the Act of Discontinuation adult education allowance would enter into force as soon as possible, but no later than 1st of June 2024. Read about its effects on applying for adult education allowance on the page News concerning the adult education allowance.

Calculate your work history for adult education allowance

With the employment history calculator, you can calculate an estimate of whether the eight-year employment history required for adult education allowance is suitable for you.

The condition for receiving adult education allowance is eight years of work history. Until 2006, employment history is calculated according to the length of employment or business activities. Instead, starting in 2007, your employment history is calculated based on your annual earnings for each calendar year. Accumulated months of work history are obtained by dividing the earnings for the calendar year by the divisor of the annual earnings, which changes annually.

With this calculator, you avoid the hassle of calculating and easily check how much work history has been accumulated.

When you apply for adult education allowance for the first time, your work history will be calculated using the dividers below. The same divisors have also been used in the counter.

Year Divider
2007 940
2008 961
2009 1019
2010 1052
2011 1071
2012 1103
2013 1134
2014 1154
2015 1165
2016 1174
2017 1188
2018 1190
2019 1212
2020 1236
2021 1252
2022 1 283
2023 1 331
2024 1 399


How to use the calculator

  • To use the calculator, you need your earnings-related pension statement. You can download it from the Finnish Center for Pensions' website.
  • Select the year from the counter and enter the salary amount shown in the earnings-related pension statement for that year.
  • To add the salary data for the following year, press “Add salary year” and enter the salary amount for that year. If you have only had one employment relationship during the year, your payroll sum will be shown directly on your pension record. If you have had more than one employer, add together your earnings from each employer.
  • Repeat the same for each year above.
  • When you have entered information for every applicable year, press “See the result.
  • If your work history for a year is less than 12 months in terms of income, you can add periods of equivalent employment Up to two years of periods equivalent to working – maternity, paternity, pregnancy or parental leave, child-care leave and military or civilian service – may be included in the employment history. You can check the precise dates of your maternity, parental or paternity leave on the Kela decision that you received. For the length of your child-care leave period, check the agreement you made with your employer. to the counter, if necessary.
  • Your employment history in the current year will be calculated up until the planned start date of the study leave. Enter the planned start date of the study leave and an estimate of the current year's salary income up to the planned start date of the study leave.

The calculation is an approximate estimate based on the information provided by the user and is not binding on the Employment Fund.

Page updated: 16/2/2024