The discontinuation of adult education allowance has been recorded in the Government Programme as of 1 August 2024. Changes related to support require legislative amendments, so for the time being, the granting and payment of support will continue normally. We currently receive a considerable number of applications, messages and calls, so processing of adult education allowance applications and customer service can temporarily become backlogged. We will do our best to clear the backlog. You can find further information on the News concerning the adult education allowance page.

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What do you need to know about applying for adult education allowance right now? Read our current news and tips to keep yourself up to date and ensure a smooth application process.


Current information about applying

Important now
  • Please remember to attach a possible revised tax card for benefits to your profile information before submitting a payment request. 

  • Please note that you can submit your initial application for adult education allowance no earlier than four months before the start of the adult education allowance period you are applying for. 

  • Please note that income received during the allowance period is considered income at the time of payment, regardless of when you earned it. For example, if you work in 1.–14. November, but the salary for this will not be paid until December 15th, this salary will be considered as income for December and will affect the amount of adult education allowance paid for December. 

  • Find more about the additional income and benefits that affect adult education allowance.
Estimated processing times

Allowance right application 14 days

Payment application 1 day

Full adult education allowance 10 days

Adjusted adult education allowance 3 days

Entrepreneur's adult education allowance 14 days

Preliminary decisions for entrepreneurs 12 days

Scholarship for qualified employee 11 days

Updated 11.12.2023

Page updated: 13/4/2022