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Adult education allowance offered communications professional a stress-free career advancement opportunity

Thanks to adult education allowance, communications manager Kati Kuoksa has been able to fully focus on her studies and find the time to take care of her well-being. Her rapidly progressing master’s level studies are creating new opportunities for both Kati and her employer.

“Working as a communications professional is more and more about the development of activities, not just communication. Thanks to my studies, I can support the entire group and its management even better,” says Kati, who works as a communications manager for the construction company Hartela.

Kati, who has previously completed a vocational degree in business administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration degree, went through many stages before finding her current job. In the past, she has also completed communication manager training and worked in Hartela’s communications department as a marketing director and executive assistant.

At the time of this interview, she is on study leave to complete master’s level studies in business development.

“You can keep your motivation high by constantly striving to keep up with your industry and workplace. Self-motivated studies and study leave are one way to achieve this – in addition to the opportunities offered by your employer and networking with people in your sector.”


Adult education allowance helps support well-being during studies

Although Kati had been thinking about studying for a long time, it had not seemed relevant during her busy career. Eventually, adult education allowance helped her further her plans.

“I had been thinking of studying part-time while working until I heard that adult education allowance could be granted for path studies, for which I had applied.”

Kati calculated that thanks to adult education allowance, taking full-time study leave would be just as financially feasible an option for her as studying part-time while working. 

Johanna Rahunen, Service Manager of the Employment Fund, says that one of the goals of adult education allowance is to support the well-being of students.

“The positive effect of studies on motivation and well-being are fully realised when you can choose yourself whether you want to fully focus on your studies or combine studies and work.”

For Kati, the advantages of full-time study leave and adult education allowance are obvious. It seems that she will have completed her degree in just over one year, as opposed to the two-year target time stated in the curriculum. Above all, Kati has acquired a great deal of new knowledge and skills that she can use in her job.

“A short absence from work is a small sacrifice compared to the long-term benefits one person’s training can bring to the entire work community,” she says.


Planning boosts motivation

Kati’s studies have progressed rapidly. She has been able to maintain a high study motivation by keeping her eye on the goal. She also knew long beforehand what the subject of her thesis would be.

To find the studies that would be relevant to her, she carefully analysed different study options.

“I chose the option that would have the most useful courses, both for me and my job. I am learning about themes such as strategic management, service design and sustainable business.”

“The experiences of people who receive adult education allowance prove that studying is more rewarding the earlier you start planning your goals, both independently and with your employer,” Johanna Rahunen says.

Kati’s professional development plans received support from her supervisor.

“I’m grateful that it was possible to arrange full-time study leave. In the future, I will be able to help my work community not only with marketing and communication but also with strategy and sustainability matters,” she says to summarise.

Communications professional Kati Kuoksa, who adult education allowance has helped, and her dog. Adult education allowance has helped Kati to organise her studies so that she still has the time to unwind by, for example, going out for walks with her dog Narnia.
Page updated: 13/4/2022