The discontinuation of adult education allowance has been recorded in the Government Programme as of 1 August 2024. Changes related to support require legislative amendments, so for the time being, the granting and payment of support will continue normally. We currently receive a considerable number of applications, messages and calls, so processing of adult education allowance applications and customer service can temporarily become backlogged. We will do our best to clear the backlog. You can find further information on the News concerning the adult education allowance page.

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Develop your skills with adult education allowance

Develop your skills with adult education allowance

Are you dreaming of developing your existing expertise or finding a new profession? Do you find it difficult to fit studies into your busy schedule or current monthly budget? Apply for adult education allowance and make your dreams come true! The allowance gives you financial security during studies. You can use the allowance according to your goals and needs, whether you choose part-time or full-time studies.


What does adult education allowance mean?

Adult education allowance is a form of financial support that can be granted to employees and entrepreneurs for studies that support their professional development. With adult education allowance, you can acquire a degree or complete shorter trainings in several educational institutions across Finland.